Google, Inc. : Personal & Organizational Ethics

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Google, Inc. vs. March of Dimes
Andrea Gradek
PHI445: Personal & Organizational Ethics
Professor Daniel Haynes
October 27,2014 By identifying the key problems related to business ethics throughout several organizations, a person would be categorized as an ethnographic researcher. In order to fulfill the needs of this title appropriately, a person must be able to analyze whether the current and past actions are done and performed in an ethical manner and from those performances examine and review the changes that must be made for appropriate future endeavors. One of the major important details within any organization is the ethical concerns that are developed or continued within the company. Ethical concerns give employees, consumers and investors a view and presentation on how the company acts within their moral practices and business ventures. Without appropriate ethics, businesses can crumble under societal scrutiny. For this paper, we will be reviewing the for-profit company as Google, Inc. It is fascinating to discover that this company began with two college students from Stanford University in 1996 for a research project. These two students were Larry Page and Sergey Brin and they theorized that current search engines were not analyzing information in the most effective way, thus taking more time to find the relevant information that the consumer needed. Since this was introduced as a research project it was originally accessible only under the…

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