Gooseberry Season by Simon Armitage

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Gooseberry Season by Simon Armitage This essay is about the poem which is called “Gooseberry Season” and it’s by Simon Armitage. I will be looking at the character of father in the poem and look at the different techniques that are used to describe the behaviour of the father. At the start of the poem the character of the father seems to be kind, generous and caring as he lets a stranger stays in the house when the stranger comes and asks for water. This shows his generosity and niceness. Later in the poem he becomes angry and has jealous. At the end of the poem he is a murderer. The title ‘Gooseberry Season’ makes it thinks about a fruit which is bitter and spiky and it grows in summer. Gooseberry is green and the colour green suggests …show more content…

It says, “We run him a bath and held him under” which suggests that he is too angry to care. The reader is shocked and surprised at his cold blooded murderer. It says that “Dried him off and dressed him and loaded him into the back of the pick-up”. This suggests that they are removing all the evidences that could be there so that’s why they have dried him off and dressed him. They drove

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