Gotenna: Getting Lost Without Losing Service . Going Off

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GoTenna: Getting Lost Without Losing Service Going off the grid is often romanticized by modern society considering the fact that many have become tethered to the wired world. Hikers trek miles into areas without electricity or cell service for a chance to disconnect and while this is healthy, it is not necessarily safe to wander miles into the wilderness without a backup plan. GoTenna modifies the way people communicate with the urban community, allowing consumers to stay in touch when cell service is shaky, and no satellite connection is required.
Company and Brand
GoTenna is a hardware-startup good that has gone from a simple product to a full-blown company, originating from Brooklyn’s NYC Resistor hack space; an establishment that
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As a product GoTenna meets the demands of the consumer, ensuring reliable cell service in the case of an emergency. In regards to GoTenna, specifically GoTenna Mesh, the price ranges around the same as the popular gadget “Fit Bit”, which is approximately $150-$250 per device (GoTenna, 2017). The price is set depending on the overall costs of production, segment targeted, ability of the market to pay, supply, demand, as well as a variety of other direct and indirect factors (Bennett, Coleman & Co., 2017). The promotion of GoTenna Mesh was slow yet effective as demand is still on the rise. Promotion indicates the different activities undertaken to ensure that the product is known to the user and trade. Firms including Andreessen Horowitz and Bloomberg Beta helped fund the product while specialty stores and large gross retailers such as Amazon promote GoTenna (GoTenna, 2017). This applies to the placing aspect of GoTenna as the point of sale includes GoTenna’s official cite as well as common outdoor outlets such as REI (GoTenna, 2017). In order for retailers to ensure the right location and eye-catching effect they pay a premium. Place plays an important part in the mantra of a successful retail business. Each element of the marketing mix has some sort of impact on the fundamentals as a whole. When handled correctly the marketing mix can bring success but when handled wrong the result is a decline that may take some business’ years to recover from (Bennett,

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