Gothic Elements in Stephen King’s: the Shining. Essay

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Gothic Elements in Stephen King’s: The Shining.

The classic elements were invented by Horace Walpole in 1764 in his novel The Castle Of Qtranto. These elements have been used in a variety of ways in different aspects books films short stories even today. Stephen King uses these elements in his novel The Shining alternating them to fit his needs. The first classic element is the incorporation of setting in an old castle, with secret rooms scary passages, underground burial vaults. Seeming abandoned but sometimes occupied. Stephen King modernizes these elements by using a big hotel that is seemingly abandoned but sometimes occupied by scary ghosts, Kings Novel the underground burial vault takes form of the boiler room in the basement
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The fifth classic element is supernatural or inexplicable events which is Danny’s shining. His mother takes him to a doctor and asks to see if this is all normal. The doctor said that he couldn’t find a thing wrong with him as was explaining how he is very bright for his age and he puts a lot of effort on learning how to read, this maybe the cause of stress. The sixth classic element is high, even overwrought emotion. This is portrayed by Danny’s fear of his father hurting him and Jacks anger caused by his alcoholism and trying to over come it. The hotel was trying to use Jack to get to his son’s ability of the shining. The seventh classic element is women in distress. This makes you feel sympathy from the reader. In this novel the character in distress is Danny. He faces events that leave him fainting for example his shining. This is the focus of attention which Jack and Wendy are fighting against each other for. The eighth classic element is a woman threatened by a powerful, impulsive, tyrannical male. One or more male characters have the power to demand a female character to do something intolerable, or a lord of the manor. Jack thinks that the hotel wants him not Wendy and Danny. He is doing everything in his power to save the hotel from being destroyed and takes more pride in taking care of the hotel then caring for his family. The ninth classic element is the metonymy of gloom and horror. Suggest the elements of mystery danger or

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