Government Intervention On Kazakhstan Oil Industry Essay

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Student Name : Tinglin Zhang

Subject : AFFIN102A Principle of economics and economic theory in practice

Assignment : Essay

Topic : Government intervention in Kazakhstan Oil Industry

The world concerned problem today is the energy problem. Among other reasons of its country is growing thirst for oil and gas made thus a matter of strategic energy security. Oil is the stratagem industry in the development of economy and society. As the Kazakhstan’s oil industry is speeding developing, becoming one biggest world resources station, that is the main reason for Kazakhstan becomes the new focus of the world political and economic competition. From this essay firstly introduction of Kazakhstan’s oil industry, then examines the impact between the oil industry in government invitation and the oil market, finally compare the pros and cons in government invitation then give the reason for government invitation should be continued. Understandably, government invitation is concerned that economy market is a fair indication of an economic policy. One of special interest is the role anxiety plays in relation to economic theories.

Oil is one of main energies, in an oil rich country, it can lead to the precondition of country’s economic and social developments. First of all oil producing is an important finical source of a national treasury. There is one of huge oil producing country---Kazakhstan. It has a large land and long distance between Europe and Asia. It at 18th place of oil
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