Government Restrictions on Child Labor Essay

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Child Labor What if your young son or daughter was working in a big factory, breathing in bad chemicals, and losing fingers in the machinery? Would you be okay with that? I highly doubt you would be. The conditions of factories can be terrible, unsafe, and unhealthy for children to work in for extended periods of time. These children can get respiratory problems, diseases, and many other conditions, just because they are working there. These things would be happening if the government never stepped in and made rules. I therefore believe the government should be allowed to restrict child labor, including the hours, the pay, education requirements, Without the government restrictions, one event that would occur would be that our children …show more content…

As Cassandra Clifford, the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge to Freedom Foundation, wrote in one of her articles, “…one in five children, 120 to 125 million children, are not enrolled in school. Of those who do receive an education, mostly in the developing world, one in five will not make it past the fifth grade. The lack of education for much of the worlds children is of grave concern, and continues to impact not only the life’s of the children themselves, but the development and progress of entire nations. If a large majority of a countries children are not educated, the prospect of the future business, political, religious and government leaders of is marred for many generations” (Cassandra Clifford). This shows that children will not be successful without proper education, and cannot be effective in the world of adulthood. It also means that they will be inexperienced when it comes to trying to get a good job. If there are a lot of people in this situation, not only do the citizens seem inferior, but the country will also suffer, because there will not be enough people to handle experienced jobs that will be required in the country. Therefore, countries will work much more effectively if it has educated people. Lastly, parents think they should control their child’s labor, but there are many reasons why that would not be effective, and shouldn’t be allowed. One argument is that parents think they should choose how their child works,

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