Governmental Regulation And “Red Tape” Is Often The Target

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Governmental regulation and “red tape” is often the target of the people who see an ineffective government and a bloated public administration. Red tape is the complex process which administrators much go through to solve a problem or conduct normal business. Regulations are additional requirements for businesses and the people which may have the potential to harm the economy. Red tape and regulations are the problem with this nations bureaucracy. To demonstrate this problem, two models of bureaucratic dysfunction will be explored. This examination will be followed by a discussion of the bureaucratic problem. The public bureaucracy has always been the target of great scrutiny. The have been seen as unproductive and/or hungry for power.…show more content…
Trained incapacity occurs when an individual relies upon previous training to such an extent that they will mold a situation to fit their training even if it does not. The fourth aspect of the model is goal displacement which occurs when individuals blindly follows instructions and the goals of the organization. Blindly following the organizations goals diminishes the role of reflection and employee initiated reforms.
The final aspect of the first model is dual system of authority. This occurs when individuals are asked to step outside of their training or approach an issue from a different training procedure. On page 173, the author claim its similar to “getting a doctor to think of a problem from a legal or engineering perspective” (Knott & Miller, 1987, 173). The first model, based upon the writings of James March and Herbert Simons, places the blame on organizations failing to meet their stated objectives on the individual. The second model does not place the same blame on the individual as the first one does. Instead, the majority of the blame is placed upon the structure of the organization. Individuals work most of the time to better their own self-interest. This is the main dilemma of the second model, as it is very difficult to “structure an organization so that individuals, in pursing their own self-interest, are always working for the organization’s best interest at the same time” (Knott & Miller, 1987, 174). This model contains

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