Graduation Speech : Accommodations And Differentiation Essay

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Accommodations and Differentiation: Accommodations: Struggling students who are on IEP’s will have Para to help them with the writing. There are two students on IEP’s that will be at the same table with a Para who will help them with their individual writing. The teacher will walk around the class and double check the struggling student’s understanding of the material, as well as the other students. During the discussion on the rug one of the students on an IEP has a special chair, which he sits in. Nobody else should sit in it besides him. Also, three other students have special spots on the rug. These students know where their spots are, these students get distracted and talk during the lesson. These special spots help these students stay focused. Differentiation for higher achieving students: Students will be asked to write another sentence including details. The higher achieving students will be challenged to write two sentences instead of one sentence. There are two students who are ready for this challenge and the teacher will make sure these students are getting this differentiation. They will be encouraged to write another sentence providing a reason why they are thankful for the things they write. Diversity/Cultural Considerations: Throughout the less talk about how everyone celebrates thanksgiving different and how we need to be considerate of other student’s celebrations of thanksgiving and what other students are thankful for. It is important that the

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