Graduation Speech : After Retirement Essay

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after retirement. That came from a combination of my consulting, a lump sum payment when Sarah retired, and interest / capital appreciation of our investments. Since retirement, we have not been saving any of our retirement income and in fact are depleting our savings paying IRA taxes. We probably can still keep the goal level even while contributing $6,000 a year to our kids requirement IRA because the principle is large enough that the interest income continues to mitigate the expenditures. Jacobus College Fund account distributions and kids IRA gifts will likely hold future growth consistent with the plan. My dream would be that our children would continue this approach, giving each succeeding generation a better net worth that they can pass on.
Educational Goals When I was young I had not any educational goals. My father had not graduated from high school and I don’t remember him (or my mother) ever mentioning me going to college. And, as mentioned previously he spent my $3,000 life’s savings which would have put me through the University of Arizona. I was ambivalent about going to college when I graduated from high school, but I signed up in large part to stay out of the military and Vietnam. I had an interest in aviation and in making things so I signed up for Aerospace engineering. At that point I was working 20-25 hours a week to be able to afford the next semester’s tuition, gas for the Hillman, and occasional nights out which didn’t help my studies.

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