Graduation Speech : An Aspiring Elementary Educator

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As an aspiring elementary educator, my goal is to bridge the student’s knowledge to their curiosity. I will provide the facts that will drive their curiosity to asking questions that are relevant to the past and the future. I do not believe that avoiding inquiry is the most beneficial teaching method for my students because no student is “too young” to understand the events that have shaped our country and our world. There is always a method to teach difficult content in an honest, truthful manner to students. Since I am currently spending my first practicum in a kindergarten classroom, I have been considering and applying methods of teaching history, in regards to Teaching What Really Happened, to the primary levels. My cooperating …show more content…

They hear the news and other adults discuss negative events with police officers, so if I simply teach about great triumphs, and not the negative events, my students will be even more confused. To examine the role of police officers throughout history, we can learn about how life was during the days of segregation. I will teach my students how police officers had to enforce the laws, even though they were wrong. I can relate this to when they have done something wrong, such as stealing a toy, even though they knew it was not right. We can also learn about positive moments for police officers, such as when the World Trade Center was attacked, and officers helped save so many people. We can discuss how police officers are here to help us. Throughout all of these lessons, I will scaffold my students’ thinking by asking questions that will encourage deeper thinking about what role police officers have. I believe my students will be interested in these events because they have already seen community helpers in their daily lives. If I make the lessons relevant and engaging, they will be more motivated to think about the history and current issues at hand. The chapter I focused on was “How and When Did People Get Here?” This chapter’s historical problem was about the debate of when and how people first arrived in the Americas. The main debate of this issue stems from the lack of knowledge we have, due to archeological limitations. We only have so much evidence since

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