Graduation Speech At Borel Middle School

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To begin, I attended Borel Middle School in San Mateo, Ca. The first year was really hard because I was in sixth grade and didn’t really know anyone but my friends that I went to Elementary School with. All throughout my three years at Borel I strongly believe that I would be going to Aragon High School. My final year at Borel was the worst year of school in my life! Most of my teacher were expecting us to do a minimum of at least three hours of homework every night. I would never have time to do anything with my family, even on the weekends I would spend at least an hour of doing homework. Then I would have to study for at least three or more tests a week. I never had any time to enjoy my life. Thats when I started to hate school. I would wake up and never want to go. I would be paranoid that I did not do something or get something wrong and the teachers would yell at me. The only teacher that I loved being with my my spainish teacher, Mrs. Pietri. We had the best relationship ever! Everyday at lunch I would go to her class and help her out with anything and just hang out with her. I would tell her all of my struggles and she would try to help me through them all. So then by the end of the year, teachers started to attack us with work. On the last week of school I had to write a paper on this topic and it was worth half of my grade so I could not mess up on that project. Even during winter break and spring break I had things to do. I hated school. But then as the year

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