Graduation Speech : Becoming A Freshman

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Coming in as a freshman I did not understand the point of soundings. I remember sitting in the FAC, and hoping the soundings was not going to last for a long time. We all did not know what to expect. I was surrounded by a group of freshman who were also experiencing soundings for the first time too. Not only were they trying to adjust to the transition of high school to college, but also the trying to get to know other classmates. At the end of the first Soundings, I had to admit that I actually enjoyed watching the performance. In the back of my head I was still thinking how I was going to find time to attend six events. As I kept attending the different Sounding events each and every one were interesting to be in their own way. I thought to myself that maybe after all attending six was not going to be that bad. Soundings became not just a class that I had to attend to get credit for. It opened my eyes and influenced me personally, my study in my major, and my future plans. Over the years I have learned to enjoy attending Soundings. At the beginning of my freshman year I did dread to go to them. I hated the whole idea of it. I thought that it was stupid to attend something that wasn’t going to benefit me in the future. After attending Sounding events I started to realize the importance of attending these events. I started to realize that sounding was going to benefit me in more than one way. Coming in as a freshman I knew my major. I did not see the point in taking
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