Personal Essay : A Day In The City

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A day in the city
While walking from class yesterday, I saw something. I noticed there was a group of individuals setting up a tent, electric keyboard, and a few other things amongst these. It was obvious to me as if there was going to be a local concert in the park. I assumed this would be produced by a group of younger people, but it was led by an older group. To me, this was rather interesting since it was as close as Woodruff Park. This was a close location from to my dorm and right outside the location of my class. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay for the first half of the session, but I was able to return for a short time after leaving my meeting.
Now that the set was complete, I was able to see everything. There was an …show more content…

I carried the same energy from the concert with me to class. This even had a major impact on the type of music I listened to on the way to class.
I usually can listen to about anything, but this time, the music had to be very specific. The usual songs I listen to that have me amped or pumped, didn’t do the same thing for me today. I found a greater joy or correlation listening to artists such as ‘6lack’ or ‘Rihanna’ to be honest. 6lack’s soulful sound just in a sense had me singing along and really just grooving. While in contrast, Rihanna’s energy in her music just had me excited and moving along with the beat. Songs like: “Love on the Brain,” “Say My Name,” and “Needed Me” are just a few to name. When it comes to 6lack, songs like: “Problems,” “Free,” and even “Alone/EA6” are a few that just continued to stabilize that energy. At first this seems like an odd combination, but after listening to the both consistently, I noticed together they gave me the same feeling of the concert.
I believe music is a gateway to a lot of things. Certain lyrics, beats, and even performances can trigger numerous events. This could include memories, moods, emotions, and even different senses. For instance, at this mini concert, you could tell the audience was affected in some sense, more or less by the music presented to them. It’s evident in body language, facial expressions, and even the atmosphere. Music had a mood as well.

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