Graduation Speech : Being A Teacher

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Throughout the semester, this class has been extremely beneficial to me. This class has provided many exercises and assignments that have played a vital role in reassuring myself about what my values, interests, and skills are. I came into the class struggling about what possible major I was going to decide to do, but now I have more of an idea of what possible occupations and majors interest me. As for occupations, I have not come to a final decision on what my later job will be. There are majors that are in mind, but a certain occupation for sure has not yet been decided. As of right now, the main occupation would probably be a teacher. I have been considering being a teacher because the career seems to match many of my skills, values, and interests. I enjoy communicating with others, and teaching is primarily speaking to children. This occupation would also give me a chance to help others. That is one of my main values as a person and this occupation would be very fitting. Many students around the country need help and I could have the chance to make a difference in their lives. I do understand there would be many challenges down the road. I would need to find out what certain age level of children I would teach along with what subject I would be teaching them. Teaching would also be challenging because I am not the best at that aspect right now. To combat these challenges I will make sure I work very hard and learn as much as possible. I will shadow teachers and speak

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