Graduation Speech : Changing Education

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Changing Education As we are born and begin to grow, we near the age where we are expected to begin the long and tiresome journey that is our education, and for 4 million new students a year, it is one they will have to attend in public schools. Throughout the span of 13 years and around 14,040 total hours spent in those public schools, we are expected to develop skills and meet a certain standard of proficiency in those skills, while also maturing our tastes and expanding our thinking, all to prepare us for life. After spending nearly ¾ of our life in school, we are then given the option to continue our education, but we are seeing more often students are choosing to postpone or not attend higher education based upon what school has shown them in the past. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 31.6 percent of students who graduated high school in 2014 were not enrolled in colleges or universities. ("College Enrollment and Work Activity of 2014 High School Graduates", para 1) I believe this is because our system of education was designed for a different era, and thus is outdated and does not sufficiently evolve as the newest generation of students does. I would propose that comprehensive analysis, and importantly periodic reform to the education system is necessary for the alleviation of this problem and the growth of society. This reform would take on many of the problems involving bottom line competencies, adequate preparedness for essential duties as adults,
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