Graduation Speech : College Is A New Lifestyle, And The Hope Of A Job After Graduation

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Students go to college in search of knowledge, a new lifestyle, and the hope of a job after graduation. For many young adults, college is a rite of passage into an independent, mature new lifestyle. Not only is higher education a rite of passage, for some, it is also an opportunity to have a better life. Overall, college is a wonderful part of many people’s lives, yet the way the college education system is conducted wastes students time and money. College is basically composed of two parts: general education classes and major specific classes. General education courses are the source of wasted time and money, and should not be required of students. A few of the problems associated with general education classes are that they are basically …show more content…

The main thesis of Murray’s essay is that the unrealistic pursuit of a college degree, propagates to children at an early age and does more harm than good. Murray claims that many students do not have the ability needed to enjoy and complete a four-year college education (Murray Paragraph 13). Murray further supports his thesis with his reasoning that more people are going to college because they are indoctrinated, regardless of their skilled ability, to pursue college as a natural progression into becoming a productive, American citizen. The friendly educational tone in which Murray states his argument is not flooded with formal idioms and complex research, making is easy to follow and understand.
In the reading “Innovation’s Winners and Losers” it starts off with a quote by, Woodrow Wilson. The quote is stating that in this era we have many possibilities and that is all because we are so digitally dependent. The quote also states that, “exuberantly heralded season of “disruptive” change, “do it yourself” competency learning, unbundled credentials, and profit-seeking “alternative providers” (LEAP blog 1). When choosing what is best to do in this day and time it is simply, ask your self this, “Will we shape our digital and other innovations to create a genuinely empowering and liberating

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