Graduation Speech : Becoming A College Student

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Growing up in my family, my parents always had higher expectations for me than they did for my brothers. I’ve spent much of my life taking it a little too earnestly, wanting to prove myself as worthy to them. I have always wanted to be the best of the best; setting exceedingly high expectations for myself, often leading to disappointment. Today, for someone to be considered of any importance, they must prove themselves as worthy of belonging or being accepted. It seems like everyone has something to prove because of the realities of living in such a competitive society. In most cases proving yourself as worthy has a slight chance of granting acceptance into society. When I did well in school and wanted to share my achievements with my …show more content…

Thus, it led me to liberation and break free from my comfortable and sheltered life and moved halfway across from Texas to Washington this past summer. Without a doubt, leaving my cage of simplicity has allowed me to grow as a person in these past few months and has made be a better person with great expectations.
Like many things, most pleasant experiences must come to an end, such things to consider would be a community college. I believe in progression and progressing my education to the furthest extent. By attending the University of Washington, this will allow me to reach the next step in my scholastic vocation. By next quarter, I plan on obtaining my associates and biology and intend on obtaining my bachelor’s degree in biology as well. After receiving my degree, I wish to peruse medical school and then peruse a career in dermatology.
I live by the philosophy that I want to leave the planet better than I came into it. As a young child, I was determined to become extraordinary. I have set standards for myself, I wish to be the best that I can and set goals and I wish to achieve. In addition, becoming a doctor has always been a goal of mine. After watching one of Dr. Sandra Lee’s videos, I set my mind on dermatology. I found a way for me to contribute to making the world a better place and that would be by making a positive impact on every person or patient I encounter. Not only is dermatology a field I take great interest in,

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