Graduation Speech : High School

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So far, all throughout high school, I have done my best in school. I strive to get the best grades I can. There are many opportunities out there, college related, that many people out of high school don’t have. I make sure I take advantage of these opportunities because all the hard work will be very rewarding in the end. During my sophomore year of high school, I had the chance to get into a four-year program that would have me take college classes while still in high school. Also, I would be able to job shadow different careers, practice interviewing skills, and get an internship. By the end of this program I would have an associate’s degree and have developed very useful skills necessary for a career. This whole program would be free. …show more content…

When I walked into the testing room, I saw kids already on a computer taking their test. The room was silent while everyone was working hard on their test. While waiting in line for my turn to take the test, my stomach dropped from the nervousness I was feeling. I just wanted to get the test done and over with. At last, a computer opened and I was able to begin taking the test. The reading and grammar portions of the test went well for me, but they took forever to finish. I became extremely restless while taking the exam. The math portion was very difficult for me. There were so many questions and some of the math topics covered, were topics that hadn’t been covered in school yet. I am a very long test taker and seeing everyone finish their test before me caused me a great deal of stress. Every time I looked at the clock, time was flying by. I hated being one of the last few people in the room taking the test. I tried not to let this get to me. After a long four hours of testing, I was finally finished. My mom told me that while she was waiting for me to finish, she saw some kids almost to tears after taking the test. I just wanted to get home and take a break from all the testing. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the delicious, minty McDonald’s Shamrock Shake my mom had promised to get me after taking the test. Finally, after a month of impatience, I finally received my test results in the mail. My stomach filled with

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