Graduation Speech : Grade School

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Good morning, how is everyone today? Wonderful! I am glad you all are well. I hope you did your homework last night! If you did, you will be getting a gold star on your homework worksheet. Anyways, let us begin our day with the bell ringer. Please complete the three math problems that are on the board. You must do these by yourself... and yes, that includes you Jonathan. You don 't want me to have another conference with your mother, right? That 's what I thought. You will all have ten minutes, so go ahead and begin. We will go over them together after time is up. They will help us review our long division, which I introduced yesterday. If you have any questions, please raise your hand.
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Now that I look back, during those times I was pretending to write on a whiteboard and scolding students for not doing homework, I was learning how to cope with real issues of everyday life. The fake world that kids make up are influenced by their own world around them. They are taught how to behave and what to understand by their caregivers, teachers, friends, and even strangers around them. As they acquire new knowledge, they begin to mimic what those people do in their times of play. As for me and my sisters, we often taught our "class" what our own teachers had in their lesson plans that day, as well as providing similar discipline. As the time passed along when we were playing our game, my sisters and I unknowingly built individual personalities and goals that fueled the way we viewed our lives.
Similarly to how playtime incorporates the idea of school, the actual school systems utilize the fundamentals of playing in their curriculum, in order to stimulate the fresh minds of the youth. According to the publication Rethinking Play and Pedagogy in Early Childhood Education, teachers are combining the skills they teach to the children with the normal behaviors of imagination and fun. They find that playing occurred when children worked "in small groups," because they "were engaged in active games," while "working with educational toys,"
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