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Good evening. A couple weeks ago, I was attempting to clean my room when I unearthed an old yearbook from my days in middle school. Rather absentmindedly I opened the book to browse through it. However, before long I became immersed in the memories brought back to life and quickly lost track of time. Over an hour later, I set the book aside and marveled at how much had changed since then. Not only had people changed physically, but they had also changed their friends, habits and behaviors. Furthermore, we have all grown as a result of the changing world around us, a changing world that has witnessed the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, as well as the constant birth of new technologies which make our lives easier. These changes have shaped…show more content…
The days of having one teacher teach you English, math, science and art were over. There would now be a different teacher and a different classroom for every subject. Furthermore, there would be no recess in middle school. To me, that was the most frightening aspect of all. However, for all the alarm evoked at the thought of moving from elementary to middle school, there was an undeniable sense of excitement and adventure. We were growing up, we were moving on to the next stage in life, a stage ripe with opportunities for self-growth and discovery. By the same token, the transition from high school was a dichotomy - anticipation for the future and trepidation for the unknown. For some, the change may have been only a slight bump in the road; for others, it may have been a monstrous chasm that needed crossing. No matter the difficulty, we all survived our freshman year. Many people may even have spectacular memories of that first year in high school - I know members of the girls soccer team do. It was the year in which our team won the title of league champions and went on to state. Likewise our seniors who were just on the girls basketball team will have wonderful memories of making it to state for the first time in the history of our school. At times the path to graduation may have seemed never-ending, characterized by unexpected obstacles and barriers. But there were also the many highlights to

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