Graduation Speech: The Day Of Independence By Miguel Hidalgo

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The day of the independence is a Mexican tradition that celebrates every year el grito de Mexico or the cry for independence. This tradition besides honoring Mexico’s independence day also honors the speech Miguel Hidalgo made on September 16, 1810, to the public, he made an outcry to the people encouraging them to rebel against the Spaniards. This speech is what helped motivate the Mexican people to fight the Spaniards. Eventually the Mexican independence was gained 11 years after Hidalgo’s speech. In honor of Hidalgo who helped stimulate the revolution, in our modern day we create a massive festivity full of joy and color during the ceremony the whole crowd shouts “Viva Mexico” to express our appreciation towards Mexico. The reason I decided…show more content…
It is such a monumental day in Mexico, various schools, shops, and other public places are closed. I expected the day to run smoothly with little chaos because, I thought it was just going to be a large festival where you just attend, dance, and just enjoy yourself. However, my first independence day celebration was insane, right from the morning to end. As I woke up to my family, I heard shouting and frantic pacing as my relatives to my surprise were preparing tons of food to take to the festival. It turns out people have to contribute a little bit to the festival every year. I was rushed to get ready to arrive early to the festival, which was extremely crowded with what looked like hundreds of people even thousands. The celebration although full was so much fun with people dancing, playing games, or just socializing with others. It wasn’t until the president began speaking that everyone stayed still and just listened. The way he spoke about the land of Mexico was absolutely mesmerizing and once he led into the grito phrase “Viva Mexico”, it was then I realized how valuable the land we come from is. It helped me reflect to admire and value every aspect and object of my
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