Graffiti : A Viral Vendetta

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Matthew Haws ENG 101 Professor Waters December 10, 2017 A Viral Vendetta (Banksy; Shepherd Fairey; Bomb It!) Communication through expression of the arts is a meme that can eventually invoke a response or prompt an action that needs to be taken. The mural movement and graffiti are recent adoptions for expression that have lent themselves primarily for political commentary. Murals evolved from its roots of only being circulated amongst aristocrats and other high class individuals to merge with the modernist invention of graffiti art to create two dominant forms of art. These were primarily used as criticism against establishments and to speak for environmentalism. As a result of so many people having investment in their society, graffiti art leads to politicians, advertising executives, and graffiti writers being in danger. Graffiti art has been a successful force in pushing their messages to their audience. This is because of the divisiveness of the art, the success in pushing ideas on people, the force of the art, and because graffiti art embodies the counter-culture. During the Renaissance, murals were originally considered the highest form of art (George, 330). From that and the Industrial revolution came a shift in perspective of mural art. This was adopted in Mexico in the 1920s to express the ideas of workers and the middle class and saw a resurgence in the United States in 1960s as a result of the civil rights movement. In contemporary and current times, Banksy and

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