Gramsci Use Of Hegemony

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Through Gramsci’s work, he has put forth the foundation of how dominance over people have developed and how power is continuously held. Education and religion are used to influence the culture of the masses. Setting the tone of the dominant class, it controls systems that are developed and deems what is right or wrong. From these concepts, dominant classes are able to develop their own education, economy, political and media systems. Now that the framework of Gramsci’s work has been laid out, it is important to see examples of how hegemony has been used within dominant structures.
Although, published in the early 20th century, Gramsci’s work on hegemony it is still relevant today. The United States of America is good example for the use of hegemony. I’d like to discuss historical and current periods in the United States that the use of hegemony against the black community was evidently vigilant. For centuries, America has had their hands in various foreign policies. In what Anibal Quijano and Immanuel Wallerstein call “Americanity”, dating back to colonial times, America has used their power to take then create it to be their own. With the use of coercion, the dominant group of that time, wiped out what was known to the land to enforce their own rules and regulations. This time forced Native Americans to either conform to the new powers or risk horrendous consequences. After destroying the Native American population, dominant groups within the “new found” America used

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