Grand Theft Auto : Graphic Scenes

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Video games, such as Grand Theft Auto, depict graphic scenes which are saturated with themes of sex, robbery, and murder. Despite the game being rated M (for mature), many young children play and enjoy this game. Of course, Grand Theft Auto is not the only violent video game in the market. Call of Duty, Halo, and Destiny are all examples of shooting, roll-playing games. As I previously mentioned, many young children and teenagers play one or even all of these games. Parents and family give them as Christmas and birthday gifts, or even as incentives for good behavior. One of the main problems here is the audience. The themes in these games become ideas in young impressionable minds. In an interview with Chris Berry, a student at Reading Area Community College, he remarks: There has been a lot of cases in which kids believe that if you kill someone, they just respond like they do in video games. But they don’t. In a video game when I kill you, you would just come back [to life] and try to kill me back. Kids actually think that’s real, because they are playing games like that too young.
Playing violent games leaves children with an impression that violent feats can be attempted with no consequences. This belief is not only far from the truth, but is also extremely dangerous. Many parents do not monitor the time children spend playing video games, and as a result may even be unaware of the nature of themes that are depicted.Whether they are aware of the graphic themes or remain
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