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Emmy Begleiter Begleiter 1 English 11 Personal Essay 11/9/12 “The Loss of a Loved One” The stillness of your beloved grandmother’s face was frightening. She looked almost like a porcelain doll. You saw your beloved lying in the casket wearing her favorite suit, her hair and makeup done up nicely. This was goodbye. Your grandmother has now reunited with her husband who died almost twenty years earlier, in the eternal happiness called heaven. Though you know that all of the pain and suffering your grandmother endured has ended, it is still hard for you to picture what life will be like without her. You are forced to go on with your life with your loved one only alive in your heart. In a way, it seemed like your …show more content…

In the shadowbox outside of each room were relics of their husband or wife, children, grandchildren, and their passions. It filled you with sorrow. You come to your grandmother’s room and look in her cubby. Even though you want to look, you can’t because the lost memories would shatter your heart. In some ways you dread the visit; in others you look forward to it. It is hard to see your grandmother dying and always scared or upset that her days of youth have ended. That beautiful woman with the perfect posture, the bright blue eyes, and the welcoming smile was gone. She was in a wheelchair bent over, her hair a mess, and her eyes filled with true terror. It became hard to look at your beloved like this; yet you know that you won’t be able to be in her company for much longer. So you look forward to spending time in her living presence. Begleiter 4 As you walk in and sign your name in the visitor’s book, you begin to wonder if this is a dream. For sixteen years, your grandmother has been by your side. Whether in Florida or Connecticut, she was there. You could always call her and share your feelings, your excitement and your fears. Now you can hardly talk to her. The caring and talkative woman you once knew was just filled with fear. Every moment you shared with her was about her latest nightmare or how she would

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