Personal Narrative: Grandma's Funeral

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The morning was gloomy and cold. Today was November 22nd at the Hope Lutheran Church. Today, my family and I were attending Grandma’s memorial service. My family looked so cleaned up and fancy. I thought if this wasn’t a memorial service we were going to, we looked like we were going to a fancy dinner. Nevertheless, it wasn’t the latter. All 14 of us piled into two separate cars and headed on our way. I felt empty and hollow approaching the church. Today would be the day that my family and I would shed waterfalls streaming from our eyes. The church had felt homely and rustic before, but now it felt dark and sad. Grandma didn’t deserve to die, I thought, as I went through the doors of the church. The church felt warm inside, like a warm blanket from the dryer. Why is 2014 such a bad year for us? Why did Uncle Mike die? Why …show more content…

Pastor Paul shook Mom’s hands. I could see him saying his condolences. Mother nodded and stood straighter. Mom looked down at her papers about Grandma. Mom looked up and began.
“My mother was an indescribable person.” Mom’s eyes met Grandpa’s.
“I could tell you so much about her, but that wouldn’t be a good enough explanation.” Mom was so true. There wasn’t enough words to describe Grandma Betty.
“I could tell you some memories, but there is so much to tell.” There was too much to tell. Grandma is the type of person that you could make endless memories with. I have so much memories of her. My parents would tell stories about my grandmother whenever we got Frosties at Wendy’s. When I was a baby, Grandma would be in the backseat with me and sneak spoonfuls of Frosty in my tiny mouth. My parents caught Grandma and told her to not continue feeding me. She would sneak more until we were home.
“So, I’ll start with the basics. My mother and I knew how to solve things. We just did. Which was kind of ironic, considering that usually Mom and I needed to solve things.” Mom

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