Grandmother Informative Speech

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When i was younger and my family went out every weekend my grandmother would take care of all their kinds the when they got home take care of them. She would have over 20 people in her house and she would get up and cook of all of us. When the first time she got sick she went to the hospital and that would be the first of many days. My grandmother is an inspiration to me.She did everything she could t help and needy soul. She once brought a dog into her house to help it back on its feet, and even helped it give birth. She would let any and everybody stay in her home as long as they cleaned up behind themselves, unless it was an animal or they were not able to. My topic is grandmother who means the world, moon and all 8 planets to me. No matter what she always made sure that when i came over i would have plenty of crafts to do, food to cook and toys to play with. We did so many crafts and projects together. They were so fun from stuff going horribly wrong to her cussing up a storm every time something surprised or scared her. When we did crafts she loved to use the not glue gun and the beads these were her go to things. In this speech i will be talking about My grandmother's Goals, her personality, and her achievements. Main point 1 First i will be talking about her goals. First one of her goals were to become a nurse. She always told me that she wanted to be a nurse to help people back to health and make sure that they were safe from any other harms. She was a nurse for

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