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Our Graphic Design Portfolio is meant to not only help myself but other people who are looking at my skill set. In order to show this, the project must contain artwork from each Adobe program such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and Animate. Photoshop can either show our abilities in editing photographs, how we can create gifs or simply how we can use it to draw. Illustrator is mostly about vector drawings and shows how we can use it to create 3D images or simple logo designs. Indesign will show how well we can format, through creating simple menus or as complex as creating magazines. Animate, on the other hand, will show how we can also create moving images, short animations and can also be used to create gifs. Each piece of work will reflect my artistic abilities, creativeness, art style as well as my strengths and weaknesses in each program. Through this information employers, colleges and other companies will be able to see where I am, skill-wise, and what I am capable of creating, and overall seeing …show more content…

It was not something we have used before, since Web Design is not our major, but over time of messing around with it, I was able to use it correctly and found many other uses as well. Also finding the appropriate artwork was hard because I personally lost a lot of my artwork over the years and my selection was minimized to only my senior work and some work that was saved from the previous years. Selecting the artwork was crucial because it had to be enough to show my skills, a lot of the work I choose where past contests that we worked on, and very little of it was work I independently worked on. However, I wanted to add as much artwork as possible, so I began to work on independent projects to enhance it. A lot of work was added to the aesthetic, to not only make my portfolio look nice to the viewer, but for it to be unique and stand

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