Greasers � Are They Heros?

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Greasers… are they heros?

In the novel, The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton, there are 3 Greasers that are heroes. Johnny is a hero, for many reasons, he is courageous, brave and he risked his life to save a lot of people. First, he saved Ponyboy from drowning in the fountain. Also, he saved some kids from the church that was on fire. Finally, Dally is a hero, for reasons just like Johnny, he saved Johnny from dying in the church. Also, Ponyboy is a hero,he also saved the kids from the church that was on fire.
Johnny killed Bob to save Ponyboy from drowning. When Ponyboy and Johnny were in the lot, they fell asleep. Johnny had to wake Ponyboy up. When Ponyboy got home, he hoped that Darry was in bed, but he wasn’t. Ponyboy went into his house, and Darry got up from sitting in the chair, and he started yelling at Ponyboy. He said, where have you been? It's almost 2 am in the morning. When Soda-pop woke up he told Darry to stop yelling. Darry yelled at Soda and told him to stop. Then, Ponyboy yelled at Darry to stop yelling at Soda like that. When Ponyboy said that, Darry hit him(pg 49,50 ch.3). After Darry hit him, Ponyboy ran away from his house and met Johnny at the lot. They took a walk to the park. Ponyboy said before Mom and Dad died we got along fine, but now he just can’t stand me (pg 51 ch3). Then they saw a blue mustang circling the park. 5 Socs got out of the car, and they were coming towards Pony and Johnny, the

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