Great Expectations And A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, By Charles Dickens And Betty Smith

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Relationships have shaped humanity since the beginning of time. From Adam and Eve to Romeo and Juliet to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, relationships influence culture and fuel the imaginations and passions of many. Perhaps the most important aspect of a relationship lies in what it brings long-term: the continuation of our species. For all these reasons, relationships constantly appear and reappear in culture, music, and literature. However Charles Dickens and Betty Smith do not focus the effect of relationships on the bonding of two people together, but rather the full development and maturation of one individual’s identity. In their respective novels, Great Expectations and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Dickens and Smith explore how relationships impact a person’s identity and the importance of caution in selecting a lifelong partner. The relationships around individuals impact how they will view relationships and who they will chase after. In Great Expectations, Dickens shows how Mr. & Mrs. Joe’s relationship affects Pip. In the primary relationship in Pip’s life, he witnesses a woman who constantly abuses a man and treats him with little respect. Dickens reveals how Pip, in his adulthood, chases after Estella who similarly treats him without kindness or regard for his well-being. Dickens shows how Pip follows the example set for him by his guardians and accepts Estella’s foul treatment of him. Just as Joe reflects on Mrs. Joe’s figure and attractiveness, Pip also obsesses

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