Great Expectations By Charles Dickens

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Arguably one of the most feared characters in the book and easily the most influential to other characters in the book. In this magnificent work: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens would not even have a story without the compelling and sinister Mr. Jaggers. The reason Jaggers is who he is simply is because his drive for power, which is fueled by his status as London 's greatest lawyer continuing to stay intact. Jaggers has acquired this power through many actions; such as, striking fear unto others, maintaining his self-confidence, and never allowing emotions to get the best of him. Mr. Jaggers, at all times, never fails to be cool, calm, and collective. Throughout the novel, we see his numerous interactions with current and previous clients and how he is always in charge of the conversation. When his clients fail to meet his expectations, even by the smallest margin, he is on them immediately and makes a fool of the person. When Pip first sees Jaggers in London there is a crowd of people flocking around him all wanting answers. The first two men he talks to are considerably out of sorts and worried about one of Jagger 's clients presumably. As all of these emotions escape these two men Jaggers stops them in their tracks and sets them straight as quickly as he can. Next was the two women, and he got rid of them just as quick. “Once for all. If you don’t know that your Bill’s in good hands, I know it”(183). The two women were too caught up in their emotions for Jaggers

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