Great Expectations Miss Havisham

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Dark Nights, No Light, Much Fright You went into a room that was dark with a woman who wearing a wedding dress that looked like it has been worn for years, by then you might be surprised. This character is Miss Havisham. In Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, Miss Havisham represents social classes and the lessons in our lives that come to place. The social class, the lessons you learn, and the personality of Miss Havisham are things that are involved in Great Expectations. You should keep your personality out and try to be a good person. Miss Havisham is a wealthy lady who is important to Pip and his family she plays a big role in this novel. Miss Havisham is “royalty” to the middle and lower class because social class is a big theme of this novel. She is very wealthy because of her father and lives in the Satis house along with her adopted daughter, named Estella. She wears all white and an old wedding dress that is not white anymore but faded and yellow. Pip had looked very frightened when he first seen her so she said, “You are not afraid of a woman who has never seen the sun since you were born.” (Dickens 72) She is very unusual, insane, and seems like she doesn’t get over things since she wears a wedding…show more content…
Others want her to be respected so they agree with her so they can get something out of her. Everytime Pip would go home his sister beat him until he said what she did that day because she wanted Miss Havisham to give money to Pip. By learning this we had realized that Miss Havisham is from the upper class. This is important because we notice that Miss Havisham has a big role in Great Expectations. Even though she seems insane in the beginning she begins to feel empathy for others. Most people who are in the upper class feel like they can do anything they want to or treat anybody how they like but in the end it is a different story because you start to learn lessons and
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