Great Expectations: Self-Sacrifice

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In Great Expectations, the author uses self-sacrifice as a meaningful symbol. A few characters in the book are continually sacrificing a part of themselves to others or sacrificing physical aspects to others. Characters Magwitch, Pip, Miss Havisham, and Estella are examples of people who self-sacrifice themselves throughout the book. Magwitch, a convict who is wanted by the law, desires to financially aid Pip by converting him into a gentleman; Pip, an innocent boy who has yet to learn about the ways of life, had to sacrifice his time with his family members Joe and Mrs. Joe to move to London to become educated and wealthy; Miss Havisham has sacrificed and devoted her time to getting vengeance on men, one of which made her life …show more content…

Miss Havisham and Estella are portrayed as cruel individuals who only desire to hurt others mentally. This can be easily seen when Pip meets them for the first time. However, they have self-sacrificed themselves in this book. It is unfortunate that Miss Havisham felt such great sorrow ever since her fiancé left her on their wedding day. After that day, she remained bitter and indifferent towards everyone and everything that happened around her. She self-sacrificed her life to

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