Essay on Great Gatsby & Divisadero Landscape

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In both of the books Great Gatsby and Divisadero, both of the authors Michael Ondaatje and F. Scott Fitzgerald they tend to show a Drama issue movie based. Where they both show real life situations and what they try to do and what we would typically would do if we were in there shoes. Fitzgerald shows the American Dream we all try to achieve throughout our life. Gatsby tries to show off to Daisy with all the power and money he gets in the book even though she is married he doesn't stop. Then in the book Divisadero, its same only difference that the orphan character, Cooper starts feelings for Anna. Just like in Gatsby situations which he is stuck with Daisy.
So, with that all being told, both of the stories fall under how they happened …show more content…

In the Great Gatsby the setting is an more wealthy area, which can be seen through the wealthy lifestyles of the main character Jay Gatsby. Gatsby throws parties every Saturdays, gambles, and received most of his money by stealing, and gambling. Gatsby reflected new money, and was motivated by the love he had for his long lost love Daisy, who was a married woman. Jay Gatsby started off poor which was shown in the setting of a farm where he worked for the farm owner, and that setting help develop Gatsby's character because that farm and the owner inspired him to work hard to become rich. Later on, he does achieve his goal, and it is shown through the wealth he has acquired.
In Divisadero, Anna and Claire both live in wealthy areas, Anna and Claire both had resided in San Francisco. Anna had moved to France after her father found out she was having sex with Cooper. Cooper was not so lucky as Anna, because after being nearly beaten to death by Anna's father ,he relocates to Las Vegas where he starts to gamble. Cooper lives in a hotel where he meets a drug addict, Bridget, who he thinks is Anna. Annas family is very wealthy as we can see when she moves to the French countryside, after having some family problems with her dad. Cooper isn't so lucky in the wealthy category, because he ends up in Las Vegas. Although Cooper does make a lot of money gambling in Las Vegas he is forced to leave due to life threatening issues.

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