Great Gatsby Theme

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In F Scott Fitzgeralds novel "The Great Gatsby" there were a variety of themes throughout the book. The main theme is the American Dream. The time period of The Great Gatsby, was in the late 1920s during the economic boom after World War One. The parties were wild and everyone drank even though it was illegal because of prohibition. These parties showed some of the main topics, extravagance and exaggeration. Fitzgerald was interested in the American Dream. The American Dream ties into this novel because the thought that an individual can become successful in life even if their family history, social status or class wasn't very good if they work as hard as they can. Gatsby, one of the main characters, won Daisy over Tom and Nick, because he…show more content…
Many of the characters didn’t have successful backgrounds, but they all made something of themselves. The most wealthy of everyone was Gatsby. He threw amazing parties that everyone with a high social status attended. Wherever given the opportunity, Gatsby is likely to attract others with how he speaks, his confidence, and stylishness behavior and dress. All of which, attracted the beautiful Daisy away from Tom. Although, he received all kinds of attention that drew people in, he still wanted to reach a higher status, for him to win over Daisy. This period of time replaced traditional ethics, and family time with leisure and partying. Once the community reached their “material wealth” to where they could afford the items they wanted, they would stop working, and just party. Some of the characters received their wealth with no hard work or struggle, so they never perceived the concept of true hard work, so they didn't really achieve the American Dream. Gatsby was one of these individuals, through his eyes, other people were materials, and they are used for his mere enjoyment and excuse to get to Daisy. Even his beloved Daisy was material "prize" to Gatsby. The main reason Gatsby threw parties was the hope that Daisy would eventually fall for him. Daisy was interested in his gaudiness, and the way he would practically throw money away because she too was materialistic. She was accustomed to the traditional, luxurious lifestyle she had with Tom. So Gatsby would have to reel her in some other way, by showing off even more
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