Greek And Greek Mythology : The Tragedy Of Sisyphus

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Various myths, prevalent in cultures across the world, have time and again been adopted by scholars to have penetrating and meaningful insights into the unexplored realms and unveil several mysterious and multi-dimensional facets of human existence. The myth of Sisyphus, being the part of both Greek and Roman mythologies also happens to be one of such kinds. The myth narrates the tragedy of Sisyphus, the king of Corinth (Ephyra) who was considered as the craftiest, wisest and most prudent of the mortals in his times. With his swift tricks and enviable cunningness, he managed to seize and chain even the Hades, god of Death as he came to punish him for certain wrongful acts. His confrontation with gods further aggravated as they feared of being dispossessed and so, they charged him of the sin of transgression into forbidden territories. He also came in the radar of Zeus’s vengeance for certain offences and especially, when he revealed his secrets and whereabouts as the king of the gods had abducted Aegina, the daughter of the river god Asopus. As his defiance, hubris and violations demanded a nemesis of equal measure, so, he was hurled into the underworld by furious and mighty gods where he was compelled to roll a gigantic rock up a steep hill. It was a never-ending and unavailing exertion as the rock always rolled down before it could be stationed at the top of the hill and the Sisyphus had to start all over again. Furious gods must have chosen this for some well thought

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