Greek Art Vs Roman Art Essay

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When looking back at the history of any subject or topic, there are certain evolutionary growths that stand out. In terms of Art History I would have to say that the most fascinating progression to me is the representation of the human body. Whether it be a carving on the wall, painting, drawing, relief, or sculpture, the human figure is a concept in art that's depiction has grown immensely throughout history. Greek and Roman art is definitely viewed at the higher end of this artistic evolution. The human figure was the main subject of most Greek art and their primary focus was on naturalism and less on abstraction. When looking around the hall of Greek and Roman art you quickly recognize the complex infatuation with depicting the human figure …show more content…

In terms of representing the human form I believe that both pieces are able to do so in an effective and believable way. The “Marble Statue of the Three Graces” may no longer have heads attached to the forms but what the piece lacks in perhaps facial expression it makes up for in the naturalistic posture of the figures which are sculpted non rigid fluid manner. Similar to that, what the “Marble Bust of a Man” might lose in its lack of a body it gains in its extremely realistic rendering of the human head and strong facial expression filled with lots of emotion and humanly presence. Both Pieces lacked what the other possessed but were both still able to successfully represent the human form extremely well. Even though the missing aspects of the human form was not intentional in the “Marble Statue of the Three Graces” and was intentional in the “Marble Bust of a Man” and both pieces of art differ in that way , I still believe it's worth noting and taking in as a factor when talking about they're execution of rendering the human form because it is in this state that we are able to observe both

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