Greek Hair History

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One of my most vivid memories as a child was when I was six, a seemingly world away now. My mother had held me over her knee, letting me straddle it, as she braided my hair in a straight, straw rope down my back. Her fingers were gentle, yet quick, and always knew how to avoid tugging my knots in order to spare me more bedevilment. I remember that she had always removed it just as she finished, for fear of my father walking in on us. ‘It will be our little secret,’ she would say to me, before hiding my hair back under a cloth bonnet, and returned to her stitching. It wasn’t until many summers later that I learned why I was to keep the secret hair braiding quiet, and why she never did it while my father was home. In the eyes of the church, a promiscuous or extravagant hair style was a hint of being a witch (Stuart A. Kallen). …show more content…

King William’s War had drained most of Nova Scotia and Quebec’s resources, so many refugees traveled southwest and sought asylum here in Salem, or in the surrounding counties ( Everyone was put on edge by these new strangers, and the quarreling between families that followed was thought to be an omen of the devil ( My own father, a man who has relied on the local agriculture his whole life, was almost placed in town square’s stockade for having a bout with a man from a port family. Luckily, the port man was placed in the stockade instead and whipped, as he was accused of having an idle mind during a sermon not a week before (Stuart A.

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