Greek Intellectual Values

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Throughout the time period of 600 BCE to 600 CE, many societies learned to develop innovative ways of living and flourishing. Many of the views on society and the way they believed a society should be run overall, impacted the way civilizations are run today. Some of the civilizations that helped to develop this were Greece, Rome, the Maya, and Alexander the Great’s Empire. This age helped develop different political, cultural and intellectual values. Many of these developments began in Athens, but other city-states also played an important role. One of the political values Greek civilizations developed is the use of philosophy in the form of humanism. In addition, there cultural values consisted of try to portray themselves to the gods to seem worthy. Lastly, the Greek’s impacted us through many intellectual values one being, there form of architecture and there way of art in that specific civilization. But overall Greeks helped to develop forms of literature, philosophy, art, and the understanding of the world around them.
While these events in Greece occurred a war broke out between Greece and Persia known as the Persian War. The war occurred in 5th century BCE and had a long lasting effect on Greece. In 599 BCE the Persians conquered a group of people that inhabited Asia Minor called Ionian Greeks. When the Ionian Greeks found Persian rule to be unjust they requested help from mainland Greeks. Although when Athens sent ships to help in the defeat of Persia, they were

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