Greek Mythology And The Myth Of Mythology

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Mythology Essay Overtime, each culture group had developed popular traditional tales that are worldly studied and discussed. Despite their different areas of origins and the distinct story plots, they all share a similar purpose and that is to guide humans to behave properly. Since these stories share an identical purpose and are plotted in a way resembling our real lives, their characters have a similar pattern of behavior, which reveals a great deal about human nature. With this in mind, there are similarities between the two most widely known pieces of literature, Greek mythology and the biblical stories, namely, the Greek myth of Hera and Io compared with the biblical story Cain and Abel, the myth of Deucalion and Pyrrha compared with the story of Noah’s ark, and the myth of Pandora compared with Adam and Eve. These stories vividly reveal aspects of human nature.

First and foremost, the myth of Hera and Io and the story of Cain and Abel showed the inborn human frailty of jealousy and the effect of being jealous- revengeful. Indeed, Hera and Abel were both great examples of jealousy. Take one of the most popular myths of Hera’s jealousy, the myth of Hera and Io as an example; Hera was jealous of Io, a mortal who earned Zeus’ affection. Similarly, the bible character Abel was jealous of his own brother Cain because God favoured Cain and his offerings more. Both characters showed traits of jealousy, suggesting that jealousy is one of those unavoidable innate features of

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