Greek Religion : Ancient Greece

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Although Greek religion is no longer popular because of it 's diversity compared to religion today, it had a great standing back in Ancient Greece; Many aspects played a role in creating it 's foundation such as the deities, worship and rituals, and mystics and oracles. Greek religion was considered polytheistic for it 's belief in many gods and they were called upon during everyday trials and tribulations, providing their wisdom and guidance. The deities depicted in Greek mythology had strange and unusual creations that people today have trouble believing. The twelve and most important gods and goddesses, all led by Zeus, were no exception. Zeus was the king of all gods, lightning and thunderstorms, and was born to the titan Cronus and his wife Rhea. He had five siblings and all were eaten by their father for his fear of being overthrown. The five siblings included Poseidon, Hestia, Hera, Hades, and Demeter. Rhea hid Zeus away and continued to raise him until he was able to capture his father and make him heave up the rest of his brothers and sisters. Poseidon was the protector of the sea and all that it entails. His weapon was a trident and with it he could destroy any object, cause earthquakes, and create massive storms. He was known as the second most powerful god. Hestia, was the goddess of the hearth, or also known as the embodiment of the home. Hera ruled over marriage and family. She later became Zeus ' wife and got the title of the queen of the gods. Hades, god

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