Greek Theater And Its Impact On The City State Of Athens

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When considering ancient Greek life, theater was massively important. This is apparent by the Theater of Dionysius’ placement in the city state of Athens, with its close proximity to the Acropolis and the Parthenon. The Acropolis by definition meant the high point of the city state, and was on a plateau. Its raised status highlights its importance, thus radiating that importance onto nearby structures as well. Although the Greeks valued rational and reason, they also valued their emotional side as well. All plays were dedicated to the god of emotion – Dionysius. Much of what we know of the comedic aspects of Hellenic Greek theater productions comes from the plays of the playwright Aristophanes. Aristophanes’ plays express to the…show more content…
Compared to the way Athenian women were presented in Lysistrata, Aristophanes sticks to the now known facts of their lifestyle fairly closely. In the play’s opening, Lysistrata, our female protagonist, calls women from not only her home of Athens, but as we all the Spartan enemy and other places to meet in and is upset at their untimely arrival. Her neighbor Calonice appears and reassures her they will come eventually, but they are simply delayed due to having to care for their husbands, household, and children. In contrast, Spartan women were educated, participated in sports, and had little to do with the upbringing of their children. In fact, they only had contact with their husbands for sexual relation purposes. When the women finally arrive, Lysistrata inquires how many of their husbands are gone away to war. Some of the women reply their husbands have been gone for months. Lampito, a beautiful Spartan girl, expresses she is unhappy because her husband comes home and no sooner grabs his shield and chargers off again. Though according to our textbook, Spartan women were free to remarry if her husband was gone away to war for too long. Thus begins the flaws in Lysistrata’s plan of how the women will force the men to claim peace. On the home front, war had a massive effect on the women and children left behind by
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