Green And Green In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In the adventure-filled poem “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” Sir Gawain sacrifices himself to fight in place of his king. Though his destiny was predetermined, Gawain valiantly went on a quest surrounded by green. On his way to visit the Green Knight, who gave him a green sprig of holly, he gains a green girdle and makes his way through the forest. His journey leads him to a stronger connection with nature and an understanding of man’s place in the world. Scientifically green is the most visible to the human eye based on the visible light spectrum. It is associated with energy, nature, and equality, however, today it seems to mean more about greed and money. Green permeates our everyday lives in the simplest of ways. We see green and think of nature or can reminisce. As in our lives, does green permeate the story and draw lines between unlikely things. The man who challenges Gawain is called the Green Knight as he portrays a lovely emerald color. The intimidating factors surrounding the man seem to make it hard for Gawain to question the green coloring. The Knight is green to show rebirth, much like Jesus Christ as he appears around the celebration of the Nativity and New Year. His green stature does make him appear as a “freak of nature” and allows a more mystical side to be added to the story. The Green knight carried not a sword or a weapon but a sprig of holly. “Yet he had no helmet nor hauberk either, no neck-armor or plate belonging to arms, no spear and no shield

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