Gregor Mendel's Accomplishments

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Introduction The scientist at the epitome of all scientific discoveries is Gregor Mendel. His scientific breakthroughs changed the world of genetics. Mendel shed new light on heredity. When people questioned why they have certain traits, he sought out an answer and proved it scientifically. Scientist still use his methods in genetics today. Gregor Mendel’s early life and schooling made an impact on the accomplishments and discoveries that created the legacy of the “Father of Genetics.”
Early Life He was born as Johann Mendel to Anton and Rosine Mendel on July 22, 1822. The Mendel family lived on their farm in what was then known as Heinzendorf, Austria. At age 11, Mendel was recognized by a local schoolmaster for his abilities in the intellectual field. The schoolmaster recommended that Mendel be sent to a secondary school called Troppau to further his education. The move to the new school was hard financially on the Mendel family. These hardships did not hold back his success. He graduated with honors
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He was more than a son of farmer, scholar and monk. He was the epitome of what great scientists strive to be. Mendel was diligent in testing his ideas and studious in writing concerning the outcomes. We may never know the full extent of his discoveries due to the fact that fellow monks burned many of his writings at his death. A few documents still exist in his own writing. If scientist and doctors can use his methods to predict certain medical outcomes and predispositions, they may be able to save lives. It’s amazing to think that the work of one man, who in the solitary of a monastery, could have such vast impact. If one life can be saved through genetic testing, then Mendel should be given much accolades for his part in today’s life changing discoveries. Gregor Mendel should be known as the most impactful monk in history and certainly in 19th century
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