Gregor Mendel Case Study

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Gregor Mendel was born on July 22 1822, in a rural part of what is now known as Czech Republic. His parents sent his away at the age of 11, to study, at the urging of the local priest. (Olby, 2016). His time away from home was difficult, as his family did not have the means to support him. To help his financial position, he began to tutor other students, but still had a serious case of depression, and needed to go back home 2 times to better his condition. (Olby, 2016) After several years of study, he entered the Altbrünn monastery. Here, he did not have to worry about making ends meet, and was able to interact with like-minded people. However, he went through another bout of depression, as the task of visiting the ill became too unbearable
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