Grendel and Obj

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Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

The questions below refer to the selections “from Beowulf, Part One,” “from Grendel,” “Life in 999: A Grim Struggle,” and “from Beowulf, Part Two.”

____ 1. Beowulf slays Grendel in order to —
|a. |save Hrothgar and the Danes from the monster |
|b. |prevent Grendel from invading the land of the Geats |
|c. |keep Herot from being destroyed |
|d. |carry off the
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Beowulf tells Wiglaf that he wants his burned-out funeral pyre to be a —
|a. |reminder to his people of his greatness |c. |reminder to Wiglaf of his duties |
|b. |monument to King Hrothgar |d. |sign of the new Christian faith |

____ 9. How is the raid on Hrothgar’s hall shown differently in John Gardner’s Grendel than in Beowulf?
|a. |In Grendel the monster is not a man-eater. |
|b. |The novel Grendel shows the action from the monster’s point of view. |
|c. |In Beowulf each victim is individually described. |
|d. |Beowulf shows the action from Beowulf’s point of view. |

____ 10. What aspect of Anglo-Saxon life discussed in “Life in 999: A Grim Struggle” is also in full view in Beowulf?
|a. |There was no sugar and few spices. |
|b. |Vitamin deficiencies and diseases were rampant. |
|c. |The population was growing, but farm labor was
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