Grieving Childhood Grief

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Being that parents and family members sometimes overlook the grief in their children, support programs that are dedicated to them are a vital part of their grieving process. Support programs such as: The National Alliance for Grieving children, The Dougy Center, The Healing Center, and many more, provide counseling, activities and support groups to help families and children deal with their grief. The National Alliance for grieving children not only teaches about childhood grief, but they also allow families to find grief support in an area near them. The Alliance hosts grief awareness events, activities for grieving children and teens, trainings and conferences on how to help the child, and provide a list of supportive books for children and teens. The Alliance and the Dougy center are very …show more content…

The Dougy Center not only focuses of the child, but they also provide adults with information to help their grieving child through certain events. The center provides information on topics such as: what grief is, talking with children about tragic events, getting through the holidays, how to help a grieving child, fears and Halloween, Children and funerals – should they attend or not, how death impacts education, developmental grief responses, etc. Both the National Alliance for grieving children and the Dougy Center are online sources that provide easy access to information as well as hands on activities and support groups, they both aim to help the grieving child as well as prepare adults for the difficulties they may face while helping their children. Much like the Alliance and the Dougy center, the Healing Center aims to help support grieving children through a difficult time, however they use a different approach. The center provides groups that offer children a safe and supportive environment to work through their

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