Grit Personality Traits

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Grit is an important factor in one’s personality. Some believe grit can determine one’s success rate. When one possesses the great grit personality trait they are more responsible and outgoing. Those without are less motivated and feel as if they are victims in the world. The grit factor is common in all personalities of achievers and leaders. Overall, a student with grit is going to be more productive.
Grit is a simple personality trait. It consists of the “perseverance and passion for long term goals.” It can be broken down into many smaller traits like: courage, conscientiousness, endurance, resilience, purpose, growth, self-control and excellence. A student with a strong grit trait doesn’t give in easily and they strive for only the best outcomes in all situations. They work diligently and stay committed, even after previously experiencing failure. Grit isn’t fully associated with intelligence either; you can be the most intelligent person in the room but without a strong sense of grit you may not make it far in your work. Some people are just born with the inner motivation to succeed and follow through whereas others are not.
A student without grit has no sense of responsibility or commitment. They tend to see themselves as victims and blame others for their failure to achieve. They let the fear of failure paralyze them from
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A person can have outside motivators to maybe improve their sense of grit and possibly encourage a more gritty personality. To gain this one must have an open mindset and understand that the chance of success is worth risking the chance of failure. Teachers can assign things that promote a student to try harder. Assignments that are graded on a scale of excellence not perfection. Grit is also not all about encouraging students it can also be about pushing student to find what they are passionate about. Grit can be promoted for student, but not all will pick it
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