Griven: A Narrative Fiction

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“Oh, your presence here is not intrusion at all. We would be delighted to have you visit our village.” She says, gesturing to 2 extra beasts beside us. “We could escort you to our village, where you would stay throughout your visit here in Bavin.”
“Wait, quick question, who are you guys? And what or where is Bavin? What on earth are those ?” Griven blurts out. I shoot him a warning look. Of all things he had to be rude. Couldn’t he see these people outnumbered us, and we were obviously the intruders.
“We are the native inhabitants, the elves who have lived here thousands of years.” The woman says with a tone of smooth eloquence. She has a motherly look and I unthinkingly trust her. “Those creatures are Rias, another creature native to this land. Bavin is our homeland and we have never encountered your kind before now.”
“Our kind?” I ask, confused.
“Are you not a human?” She says calmly. …show more content…

Aren’t you?” I say rather brusquely.
“No. We are one of the many species that reside in Bavin. Now if you would like to mount one of our Rias we will take you to our village.” She say unoffended by our rudeness.
I shoot Griven a look when she turned away, leaving us to our Rias. “Be careful” I whisper. “I know they have been nice so far, but still…” I drifted off, hoping he understands.
“I know. I’ll be careful.” He says, rolling his eyes. “Terran.”
“First one to ride a Ria wins.” He quickly races to one and jumps on its back. He then kicks it sides, urging it forward, but it just stares at him.
“Beautiful riding Griven! But you forgot something!” I point at the whips laying on ground in front of his Ria. I grab one and ran to my Ria, climb onto its back, and raise my whip over my head with gusto. I whip the Ria and it leaps into the air. My mouth falls open as we leave Griven in the dust. But the force of the takeoff pushes me off and then I’m falling. I scream until I run out of air and everything goes

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