Group Capital : A Registered Broker Dealer And Financial Industry Regulatory Authority And The Securities ( Finra )

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Group Capital is a registered broker-dealer with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and the Securities (FINRA) and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Licensed to conduct securities business in fifty states and the surrounding territories, Group Capital provides accredited investors the opportunity to purchase shares of private companies employing equity-based crowdfunding. Founded in 2013, they anticipate disrupting the method small enterprises access capital using the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. Group Capital’s mission is to broaden the finance options beyond the traditional model (banks) and provide access to a diverse offering of financial products and services. Their financing options may aid an existing business to scale or support a startup fund their innovative idea. The banking industry focuses less on small business lending. For banks, lending to small businesses, in small dollar amounts, can be expensive and risky. These lower dollar loans are imperative for startups and small businesses. Group Capital will facilitate investor transactions via one of their branded websites. Kotler & Keller (2012) explored the obligation to be customer centric and mature together with clients. Group Capital strives to deliver these values to our distinct constituency due to securities industry regulations. They conducted a Prizm segment explorer to understand better the makeup and characteristics of their target market. Group
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